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In 2020, Ewout decided to change course and pursue his passion. And so the Freaky Furniture brand was born. Ewout started this brand with two main reasons:


Saving valuable materials. We live in a consumer society and we also prefer to have the interior new every few years, which means that very valuable products are thrown away that no longer fall into the current trend or, because we are "just" ready for something new. Ewout tries to give these beautiful materials a new life. Making timeless furniture.


Ewout wants to make unique and timeless furniture that the customer can enjoy for the rest of his life. He does this by delivering high quality and listening carefully to the wishes of the customer. Each table is completely unique. One of the elements that make the tables so unique are the glow in the dark images. These images are milled at least 3mm deep and then cast in with glow in the dark epoxy. The milled image of at least 3mm deep ensures that the tables can still be treated often and will therefore last a long time. After the casting process, the table is put in an environmentally friendly hard wax that contributes to the durability of the tables.


The tables absorb both sunlight and artificial light throughout the day. At night, this stored light is emitted again, which creates a magical glow in the dark effect. Other projects Ewout would like to implement his design skills on a large scale for companies or events, for example. If you would like to collaborate with Ewout for other projects, please do not hesitate to contact him.

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