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The Dining Mandala is a piece of furniture that really makes a statement. Perfect for a modern look to your home and adding a surprising element.
The top of this dining table is inspired by Aztec geometric shapes. For those with a keen eye for detail, there is even a face in the center of the table. This adds to the mystique of this dining table.
The Aztec shapes are filled with glow in the dark epoxy. The glow in the dark effect of this epoxy will not diminish with age and the tables will light up for hours with minimal artificial light or sunlight. This modern table has a stainless steel base with a rosewood top. The materials used for this table last a long time and are obtained in an environmentally friendly way.

If you want to buy the product or if you have any additional questions, please fill out the form below. You can of course also request additional images/videos if you feel you have not seen enough.

Dining Mandala

€ 11.500,00Prijs

    Please contact before buying:
    +31 6 58 97 93 39

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